Standing Guard

My daughter Lindsay and her 11 year old son Noah were walking in the mall after his dentist appointment. Out of the corner of her eye she saw him quietly turn his head to the left as they walked by the Victoria’s Secret store on the right and not turn back until they had passed it... read more

Quiet on the Set!

I was watching a documentary on how movies are made, from beginning to end. But what was most interesting to me was what happened before the actual taping of each scene. Activity on the set was crazy! There were last minute makeup and hair touchups as one person ran over to straighten... read more

I have lived in Missouri all my life and have yet to figure out the humidity! If you saw my hair, you would completely understand that statement. I was married to my precious husband LeRoy for 35 years before he passed away in August, 2005. My life is filled with joy and fabulous fun as I love on three children and six grandchildren (the youngest has cured any ideas of more babies). I recently retired as the health services director (fancy name for head school nurse) and abstinence educator at our local public school. I have written a book on being a widow, and am developing a love for weight lifting. With all my heart I can tell you that absolutely nothing happens to us that has not first passed through our Father’s Hands…and He is faithful! Now, if He could just do something about my hair…

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